We take pride in offering the highest quality dental care using the latest state-of-the-art equipment, techniques and procedures. Sophisticated equipment assists us in diagnosing potential problems, communicating treatment needs, and planning effective therapy before extensive treatment is needed. Since we are a preventive oriented office, we strive to investigate concerns before they become major problems. Here is a sample of the technology we employ:

Various cameras are available to document your case. An intra-oral camera allows staff to easily and painlessly photograph the inside of your mouth. This image can then be projected onto a color monitor and enlarged for you and your doctor to view together. Because this magnification allows us to see your mouth more clearly, we are better able to provide informed and accurate dental care. A 35mm camera also enables us to photograph the inside of the mouth as well as take pictures of your smile and face.

A brand new technology, the diagnodent is a small, portable, laser instrument which scans your teeth with harmless light searching for hidden decay. Caught at an early stage, treatment will stop the spread of decay before it destroys the tooth from within.

Cosmetic Imaging
With computer assisted digital imaging you can preview your “dream” smile complete with changes and improvements you’ve chosen on a high-resolution monitor. See what your teeth will look like after whitening, or after closing the space between your front teeth. Imagine the advantage of seeing your own “after” images, before! This technology also applies to straightening crooked or overlapping teeth and to silver or gold restoration treatments, which are usually whitened to blend in with natural tooth color.

Computer Charting
Our hygienists perform a standard periodontal exam, noting the health of your gum tissue. With the help of a voice-activated periodontal charting system, a full color report is printed and reviewed with you before being attached to your record. All computer systems in our practice are the most efficient and current within the dental industry, thereby providing you with the ultimate in personal care.

Post-COVID Reopening Plan

Our office will be reopening for non-emergency treatment beginning on June 8th.